7 Essential Tips to Improve Your Fiction Writing ...


7 Essential Tips to Improve Your Fiction Writing ...
7 Essential Tips to Improve Your Fiction Writing ...

Being a lover of all kinds of books and stories, I think that every single person in the world has the potential to come up with a great story and write a great novel. Something that you have to remember is that none of the greatest writers in the world were born with that level of talent. Just like any other skill, writing is something that can be enhanced and improved upon over time. You just need to have the right advice and the willingness to employ it! Here are seven essential tips to improve your fiction writing.

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Don’t be scared to be ambitious with your writing. You can rely on your own life experience to come up with stories and characters. Be extravagant and remember that you can always bring things back a touch in your second, third, fourth drafts!


Short Sentences

Try to keep your sentences nice and short. It isn’t dumbing down; it is simply making the prose more pleasant to read on the page. You don’t want your reader to get lost in a sentence and have to detach themselves from the story.


Varied Sentence Length

But at the same time, you should always throw in a pattern of varied sentence lengths to keep people on their toes! Short, snappy sentences should be the base, but you can experiment with longer forms to highlight a change in perspective or in mood, things like that!


Concrete Words

There is a time and place for flowery language, but the best works of literature have a more concrete vocabulary as their base. You want to to describe things in such a way that it creates a clear image in the reader’s mind.


Be Clinical

Don’t go off on too many tangents. They might seem fresh and essential to you when writing, but they won’t feel that way to a reader who has already become invested in the central plot.


Read Aloud

Make sure to read your work aloud in the writing and editing process. It might make perfect sense in your head, but sounds and feels completely different when actually verbalized.


Strong Finish

You can’t make up for a lot of little flaws if you commit to always finishing strongly! You never want a story to tail of in to nothing after a interesting start!

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