Mind Bending Plot Twists to Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seats for Aspiring Writers ...


Mind Bending Plot Twists to Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seats for Aspiring Writers ...
Mind Bending Plot Twists to Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seats for Aspiring Writers ...

While there are hundreds of variations on plot twists for writers, there are a few that will truly keep your readers interested. If you love writing fiction or pursue it as a career, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a story's intrigue. But these exciting plot twists for writers will help drive your story forward and make writing fun!

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Blast from the past

One of the most interesting plot twists for writers to include in their stories as a blast from the past. If things are becoming pretty stagnant for your character, or his/her life is becoming too perfect, dig up some dirt from their past and throw it into the mix. Whether it be an ex-boyfriend or a parent who abandoned them ages ago, a blast from the past is sure to shake things up in your story!



The death of any one of your characters can come as a shock, and dramatically alter your story. You can kill of a character in a myriad of creative ways, but no matter what, your reader will grip the book a little tighter when reading about it. Think of all the literary geniuses who employed death as a plot twist- F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby, Louisa May Alcott in Little Women... The list goes on because death is an amazing plot twist, sure to keep your readers interested!



Like death, separation can appear in a number of different ways, and affect your main character in just as many. Separation can be anything from moving far away, to slipping into a long-lasting coma. However you choose to include separation in your story, make sure it comes as a shock, and makes your reader feel deep emotion.


Hallucination/ Dream

What if it's all a dream? What if everything your story has included up to this point - the love, the loss, the adventure-was all made up in your character's mind? That would surely come as a sudden plot twist to your reader! Plus it will be relatively easy to add in the great reveal toward the end of your story.


False Identity

Maybe your entire story isn't made up... Maybe it's just one of your characters. If one of your characters has been using a false identity, then you can really throw your reader for a loop! After thinking they truly know one of your characters, your readers will be surprised and interested to learn of their true identity.


Family Relations

Many people call the great reveal of Star Wars: Episode V the greatest plot twist in cinematic history! The familial relationship revealed shocked the world when the movie was released in 1980, and there is no reason why your writing can’t have the same effect on people. Choose a pair of characters to reveal as relatives, and see where that takes your plot!



This plot twist is quite a bit more daring, but with the right amount of planning, you can pull it off! If your antagonist and protagonist switched roles, your reader would be totally shocked! As long as your story is written in third person, this can be pretty manageable, but you will need an earth-shattering event to set the ball rolling. Maybe try one of the earlier plot twists as the catalyst for this one!

As a writer, you never want your reader to set down your novel or short story. You want them to be as addicted to reading it as you were to writing it. What sort of plot twists do you employ to keep your reader interested?

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The dream thing is like a betrayal

I hate the whole "it was all a dream" device, I've always found it disappointing and afterward felt somewhat betrayed by the writer. Like in the last Twilight movie.

Actually everything before being a dream is a cheap way to spice up the plot.

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