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Today's Gratuitous Eye Candy Reasons to Follow Hot Dudes Reading ...

By Deeceebee

If you're not familiar with #hotdudesreading why not? Nearly 1 million followers tell you there is definitely something worth looking into. Well, more like worth looking at, really. I can think of plenty of reasons to follow #hotdudesreading and just a quick peek will convince you - honestly!

I'll share with you some of my favorites and then i suggest you get on over to Instagram and delve into #hotdudesreading.

1 On a Bench, in the Park

sitting, furniture, tree, shoulder, garden,

2 A Book and a Cup of Joe

furniture, sitting, table, desk, chair,

3 I Hope Whatever is in That Kors Gift Bag is for Me


4 The Confidence to Cross the Road While Reading

man, road, footwear, barechestedness, running,

5 One Book, 3 Hot Guys

drink, distilled beverage, alcoholic beverage, liqueur, alcohol,

6 Sexy and Sensitive

sitting, car, vehicle, technology, suit,

7 Nothing Wrong with Self-promotion

car, vehicle, technology, electronic device, product,

8 Check out the Poster, Check out the Book, Check out the Guy

album cover, product,

9 Work out or Read?

car, motor vehicle, gym, room, structure,

10 A-ten-shun!

army, military, soldier, troop, military person,

11 Too Hot for Socks

vehicle, mode of transport, car, jeans, motor vehicle,

12 Too Cool for School

barechestedness, male, leg, muscle, arm,

13 Life's a Beach

barechestedness, man, male, sunglasses, vacation,

14 Fallen into #mannequin Challenge by Mistake?

sitting, shoulder, square, gentleman, product,

15 Gratuitous Beautiful View Pic with Hot Guy

mountain, hill station, tourism, river, fjord,

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