5. If What You Really Need is Distribution

What I have discovered is that many companies calling themselves self publishing companies, are merely offering distribution services. If what you need is distribution to online outlets, as well as brick and mortar stores, I recommend that you seek out a straight distribution deal.

If the company you are working with wants you to sign a self publishing agreement, and the agreement is for distribution, by all means have the title of the agreement changed. Beware of common pitfalls when seeking distribution, such as:

 Understanding which online and offline vendors the book will be distributed to.

 The percentage of royalties the company will require to distribute your book.

 Any additional β€œhidden” fees and costs.

 Accounting: who will administer the accounting and how often. When will I get paid?

 What is the term length (how many years are you bound to this contract)?

 Is this contract exclusive or non-exclusive?

Know the Cost for Each Service up Front
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