8. Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

When we were younger, Romeo and Juliet was synonymous with a timeless love story of two young adults who would do anything for love. We all took that story and just accepted that it was the love story to end all love stories.

If we all took the time to read the play in high school, we might have realized that the story was about a 16-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl who fall in love over the course of 3 days. Your view of the classic love story might change after actually reading the play.

We have all heard of these books, and probably even know the plot. But without taking the time to read them, we cannot fully appreciate them. What did you think of these books you should have read in school but didn’t? What are some other books you skipped over in high school but ended up loving? Do you think students should take the time to appreciate reading when they are younger and in school?

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