3. Slated - Teri Terry

Slated - Teri Terry

There's a whole series to this book, so if you enjoy it you should definitely carry on and read the entire series!

In this gripping dystopian and sci-fi themed book, Kyla had a previous life but committed a crime and was then 'slated' - meaning her memory was erased, personality wiped blank and memories lost forever.

This is what the government do when a crime is committed, they 'slate' the criminal in an attempt to give them a new life or a 'clean slate' (as the term 'slating' comes from) in which they become an entirely new person, given an entirely new identity and assigned a family which they are supposed to believe is their own.

The ones who have been slated aren't supposed to remember anything about their previous life, however Kyla can remember parts of hers and knows the truth of what the government are doing to people.

She tries to recover her memories to find answers about her true identity, not just the one she has been assigned since being slated. However, she's fighting against society and soon has people suspecting her and onto her case which she has to be careful off.

Forgotten - Cat Patrick
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