7 Delightful Books on Baking ...


Shows like the Great British Bake Off prove how much we love cakes and cookies.

And there's nothing like a home-baked cake!

If you bake your own cakes, you know exactly what goes into them, and can enjoy delicious cakes without additives and other nasties.

So why not pick up a cookbook and try out some fabulous recipes …

1. Decadent Gluten Free Vegan Baking

Decadent Gluten Free Vegan Baking

Making vegan cakes is a bit of a challenge.

How can you manage without eggs and dairy products?

But vegans don't need to go without, as there are lots of books on vegan baking.

The bonus with this book is that the recipes are also gluten-free, so if there's someone in your family who needs to follow a gluten-free diet they won't miss out.

2. The Bread Bible

The Bread Bible

Next time you buy a loaf of bread, look at the ingredients and you might be shocked.

Commercially-made bread has very little to do with the genuine article.

Start making your own bread, and you'll never want to buy a loaf again.

Bread making isn't the mystery people think it is, so grab a book like the Bread Bible and get kneading!

3. Baking Chez Moi

Baking Chez Moi

France is famous for its cakes;

every village has its patisserie where you can buy delicate, beautiful cakes and pastries.

Since most of us aren't lucky enough to have a patisserie close by, we'll have to bake our own cakes using a book like this one.

They might not turn out as elegant as the ones made by master bakers, but they're bound to be delicious!

4. Mug Cakes

Mug Cakes

How often do you get a craving for cakes when the stores are shut?2

Or just don't have the patience to wait for a cake to bake?

We've all been there.

The answer to satisfying the desire for a cake right away is to bake one in the microwave.

With this book, you can throw together a mug cake in minutes.

It's also perfect if you want to have a different cake every day.

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