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Vintage books are something I love coming across. Not only do they have a distinctive smell that just oozes history, but they are so much more elaborate and well made than books today. Do you love to read? If you can't get enough of all things literary, check out these vintage books. You are going to love each and every one of them.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Via The Evolution Of "Charlie And ...
Vintage books are fun to look at, but this story remains a classic to this day. Kids all over the world have enjoyed an imaginary visit to the famous candy making factory.


The Little Butterfly Book

The Little Butterfly Book Via papillons d cover1
You'll have to be able to read Dutch, but the cover is beautiful, isn't it? I wonder if it's a story or a fact book. Do you know?


Creatures of the Night

Creatures of the Night Via Creatures of the Night
I've never actually read this book, but the cover really makes me want to.


The Modern Seven Wonders of the World

The Modern Seven Wonders of the World Via 22 Absolutely Stunning Victorian Book ...
This book is sure to contain information that is just as cool as the front cover. I love the intricate pattern of the leaves and flowers.


Every so often, a book comes along that not only captivates our minds with its content but also enchants our eyes with its design. This gem is no exception, whisking us away to an era where craftsmanship reigned supreme. Just imagine the delight of a 19th-century reader as they leaf through the pages, each adorned with such care and delicacy. It's treasures like these that remind us to appreciate the beauty in the details and the art of the bygone bookbinders.


The Bathtub Hoax

The Bathtub Hoax Via The Bathtub Hoax cover by ...
Not sure what the book is about, but the cover is certainly unique, don't you agree?


How to Avoid Everything

How to Avoid Everything Via Life is Like These Vintage ...
This book may not be fancy or elaborate, but the title is hilarious. I'm sure many people have picked this book up to have a look at what's contained inside.


Our National Parks

Our National Parks Via Vintage Book Cover "Our National ...
I bet this book is loaded with great information and beautiful pictures. Who doesn't love a trip through a national park? Live vicariously through this book if you can't get away.


Imagine the lush greenery, towering mountains, and enchanting wildlife captured in the pages of a bygone era. Vintage travel books like this one bring the majesty of America's treasures to your fingertips, showcasing the very essence of the wilderness as it was perceived in the past. If the walls of your home could use a window to the wonders of yesteryear's landscapes, this tome would be the perfect addition. Cuddle up with a warm blanket, and let yourself be transported to the serene trails and scenic overlooks that have inspired nature lovers for generations.


There is Death in the Pot

There is Death in the Pot Via Vintage Book Covers: Spooky Beautiful ...
The title is sort of spooky and ominous, but I'd be interested in cracking this one open. Would you?


Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Via Winnie-the-Pooh (book)
You can' t go wrong with vintage Winnie the Pooh. Kids and adults across the world love this collection of stories about a little boy and his stuffed bear.


The Secret of the Old Clock

The Secret of the Old Clock Via Hooked on Nancy Drew Mysteries
This, and all Nancy Drew books, made up a huge portion of my pre-teen reading choices. Did you devour her books too?


Ginger and Pickles

Ginger and Pickles Via Ginger & Pickles by Beatrix ...
Beatrix Potter may be more widely known for her Peter Rabbit story collection, but meet some of the characters in this great tome.


... the delightful tale of the feline and rodent shopkeepers. Ginger, a yellow tomcat, and Pickles, a terrier, run a village shop but find themselves in a bit of financial trouble due to their generous credit lines to their customers. Potter's charming illustrations and quaint narrative make this book a true classic. The underlying lessons about financial responsibility are woven throughout the whimsical story, making it a treasure for both children and adults who yearn for simpler times. Ginger and Pickles is a magical escape to the English countryside of yore.


The Alarm of the Black Cat

The Alarm of the Black Cat Via Animalarium: October 2010
This old horror/suspense story is sure to keep you up at night. Read at your own risk.


Delving into this classic tale is like stepping into a shadow-drenched alley of yesteryear. The protagonist is an ordinary housecat whose nightly escapades become the centerpiece of an extraordinary mystery. With each page turned, suspense claws at the reader's nerves, casting a spell over you as if the feline's luminous eyes demand your total surrender to the chilling narrative. A masterpiece of eerie ambiance, it's a vintage treasure that marries charm and terror in a way modern tales seldom dare. Embrace the shiver down your spine—it's part of the unforgettable journey.


The Sea around Us

The Sea around Us Via Unkee E.
Ocean lovers unite! Sure, some of the information might be outdated, but the illustrations are so detailed and beautiful. You'll have a hard time putting this one down.


For every person fascinated by the mysteries of the oceans, The Sea around Us is a true gem. With its enchanting illustrations that capture the imagination, this book transcends time. The allure of marine life, depicted through artful drawings, speaks to the soul like an old friend. Reading it feels like diving deep into the waters of knowledge, with each page turn a new wave of wonder. It's no surprise that it holds a special place on the shelves of those who yearn for the nostalgic elegance of bygone literary treasures. Embrace the call of the sea within its pages!


Come Back Dr. Caligari

Come Back Dr. Caligari Via Edward Gorey’s Vintage Book Covers ...
I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but this cover clearly proves how great story inside is.


Edward Gorey's distinctive illustration style can often tell you just as much about the story as the prose itself. The whimsical, yet sometimes dark and intricate details invite a second glance, urging you to uncover the narrative woven into the artwork. His work on Come Back Dr. Caligari teases a blend of humor and the macabre, a hallmark of Gorey's oeuvre. True aficionados of vintage literature and art alike know that a Gorey cover is an enticement of delightful surprises that await within the pages.


Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre Via Vintage Jane Eyre Book from ...
Once a household name, this edition of Jane Eyre probably graced the bookshelves in houses all over the world. Have you read it?


When you immerse yourself in the Gothic romance of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, you can't help but feel a part of its brooding world. This literary classic not only weaves a tale of love, morality and redemption, but its influence on readers has endured for generations. Perhaps the attraction lies in the undeniable strength and complexity of the novel’s protagonist, a character who defies the expectations of her time with a fierce independence. It's a story that once read, claims a permanent spot in your heart – as timeless as the vintage pages themselves. Have you ever found yourself lost in the misty moors of Brontë's world?


Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina Via Anna Karenina - myLusciousLife.com
I had a hard time getting through this book, but the cover of this copy is pretty great to look at, don't you think?


20,000 Leagues under the Sea

20,000 Leagues under the Sea Via vintagemeohmy.com
This had to have been one of my favorite books when I was a kid. I love the cover of this one more than the one I owned.



Victory Via Edward Gorey’s Vintage Book Covers ...
With a name like "Victory" and a cover that looks like this, you know you are going to get lost in this story.


The intricate artwork and bold typography invite readers into a world where drama and mystery reign supreme. The aesthetic promises a time when book covers were not just a marketing afterthought but a significant piece of the storytelling affair. Snuggled between the pages, the prose is just as captivating as the visually thrilling outer shell. This tome surely deserves a prime spot on your shelf, nestled among other relics that whisper tales of bygone eras. A true gem for the collectors of the unique and the timeless.



Emma Via Emma (Vintage Classics Austen Series): ...
This cover is simply stunning. You don't see books like this anymore. Isn't it great?


The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds Via Edward Gorey’s Vintage Illustrations for ...
This classic book sparked a lot of panic in the United States. You have to admit it is kind of a creepy storyline. Have you read it?


How to Write Letters

How to Write Letters Via How To Write Letters: A ...
I'm not sure I'd need instructions for letter writing, but it would be cool to see what is inside.

Do you have any vintage books in your collection? Which ones? Do you read them over and over again?

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To read Dutch? Guess you mean German ;-)

Seriously?! How did this so called article get published on here?! There's nothing to it! Absurd!

Yeah I was expecting to read a gist about each book but it was just a list of books with pretty covers😓

Kind of bizarre to recommend books based on their attractive covers rather than on knowledge of their actual content...

I'm Dutch and that's definitely not Dutch

The author didn't even bother to do some research.

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