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The 17 Funniest Book Dedications Ever Written ...

By Holly

As soon as you flip open a book, you'll see who the story is dedicated to. Usually, there will be a short thank you to the writer's parents or spouse. However, sometimes it's a little more entertaining than that. Here are some of the funniest book dedications ever written:

1 Two Years Earlier

Two Years EarlierUsually, families are thanked for helping the author write the book. However, this author tells it like it is. Without his family, he would've written the book much faster!

2 Sex Scenes

Sex ScenesImagine writing a best selling book, but having a super inappropriate sex scene inside of it? You wouldn't want your parents to read those saucy words!

3 Story Inspiration

Story InspirationSometimes, the people who inspire your work aren't actually going to read it. And sometimes, it's better off that way.

4 Robots

RobotsYou have to learn to forgive your parents. Even if they never bought you a robot or a pony, they still care about you, and this author knows that.

5 My First Editor

My First EditorSome of us put way too much pressure on ourselves. After all, we shouldn't be worrying about our career while we're still in single digits.

6 All My Enemies

All My EnemiesMost people decide to dedicate their books to the people they love. Of course, you might as well take the opportunity to send a message to the people you hate.

7 The Clique Fans

The Clique FansDon't you hate when a book has typos? If you keep on reading the story anyway, then you're definitely a loyal fan.

8 My Family

My FamilySure, it's cliche to thank your family in your book dedication. However, that shouldn't stop anyone from doing it.

9 Dad

DadIf you're going to thank your parents, you might as well do it in style. Instead of writing a paragraph about how much they mean to you, you might as well just wave to them through the pages.

10 For Scott

For ScottNo one knows who Scott is, but we're always going to wonder. If he did something horrible enough to end up as the butt of a joke in a book dedication, he must be a real character.

11 My Parents

My ParentsIf you work hard for your money, you aren't going to give it all away to your parents. Sure, they deserve it as much as you do, but that's not something you'll let yourself think about.

12 The Chimps

The ChimpsWhy thank people when you can thank animals?

13 Affection

AffectionIf you're too shy to tell your family that you love them, then you can just say that you have some degree of affection toward them. They'll know what you mean.

14 Zigzagged Dedication

Zigzagged DedicationThis dedication isn't all that unique, but the way it's written certainly is.

15 Not for You

Not for YouThis dedication, made by Mark Z. Danielewski in House of Leaves, makes quite an impact. So does the rest of the book, which is why you should definitely pick up a copy.

16 Strongest Person I Know

Strongest Person I KnowIt's important to dedicate your book to someone you love and admire. And who do you love more than yourself?

17 Cliffhangers

CliffhangersThis dedication will make you want to jump to the end of the book to see if the author is pulling your leg or telling the truth. It's a great technique to use.

It's always nice when authors have a sense of humor. What's the best book dedication that you've ever seen?

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