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These reading hacks will be loved by bookworms. For some people, reading is more than just a simple hobby, it’s a downright life dictating passion! If you are a true bookworm, then you will be well aware that avid readers are always on the lookout for little tips and tricks that will help to make their literary experiences more fulfilling and fun. Some tips make reading easier, some make it more comfortable and some just help to enhance the overall experience of being able to settle in with a fascinating book. If you are the kind of reader that I’m describing, then please continue down the page, because there is real treat in store for you! Here are some handy reading hacks that all bookworms should know.

1. Yellow Light Bulbs

If you are an avid before bed reader, then make sure that you are using yellow light bulbs in your bedside lamps. White lights have the power the interfere with your body’s production of melatonin, and this might prevent you from being able to get to sleep after you have gotten through a chapter or two, or seven!

Reader’s Stiffness
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