7 Reasons You Can Never Have Too Many Books ...


7 Reasons You Can Never Have Too Many Books ...
7 Reasons You Can Never Have Too Many Books ...

Like many bibliophiles, I think there are lots of reasons you can never have too many books. A keen reader likes to have lots of books that they've yet to read on their bookshelves, so that they never risk running out of reading material (a dreadful prospect!). People who aren't as keen on reading may ask 'Why do you have so many books?' Here are the reasons you can never have too many books …

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Reading is an Adventure

One of the reasons you can never have too many books is that reading is an adventure. It will take you to the past, the future, and countries you've yet to visit. Then there are books that take you to fantastic worlds. Fill your bookshelves with many different volumes and you'll have a world of imagination at your fingertips.


Healthy Diversion

Far too many people spend all their time staring at their computer screens or smartphones these days. Too much time looking at electronic screens isn't good for your eyes or your brain - using a screen late at night messes up your sleep patterns. Reading is much more relaxing and healthy.


You'll Never Be Bored

If you've got lots of books on your shelves you'll never be bored. Whenever you feel like reading, you'll have something suitable for your mood. You'll also be able to pass the time agreeably when you're waiting for a train or an appointment - just take a book with you and you'll be surprised at how quickly the time goes.



It's true that you can find a lot of useful information on the internet, so you don't always need to have the relevant books at hand. But the internet isn't always a reliable source of information; books are generally much better researched. You can also often locate the facts you're looking for by searching in a book's index; on the internet you have to rely on a search engine to pick out the info among millions of web pages.


Look Good

There's nothing like having lots of books to personalise your home and make it feel homely. I love the colorful spines and how they cheer up my home. Books add lots of interest to a house, so pile them up on your shelves and you'll always have something to look at!



The more books you have, the greater the variety you'll have to choose from. There's such a vast range of topics that are covered in book form that you'll never be bored. Fill your house with books, and you'll be able to lay your hands on whatever you want to read at any time.


Run out of Reading

Finally, who wants to run out of reading material? That's a pretty horrifying prospect for a book-lover; those of us who really love reading don't like to have fewer than a dozen books on our 'to read' shelf. Some people may just pick up a book from the library when they want something to read, or fill their Kindle with 'books'. But that's just not the same as a real book!

So I hope you're convinced that you can never have too many books! Books are a wonderful possession. How many books do you think you own?

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Books are friends!

Definitely!! The feel of a book in your hands cannot be matched by holding a piece of technology. Books have good energy. Great energy!

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