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As a reader, one of the biggest perks of the web today is the amount of websites for free e-books. Some people are unaware of the many resources available at their fingertips. There are endless scenarios in which having an e-book on hand would be quite beneficial. For instance, being able to keep yourself occupied on the train without having to face the crowd is truly the perfect example. With these fantastic websites for free e-books, you will never have to face boredom again.

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Website: free-ebooks.net

Because of its smooth interface and organized site navigation, free-ebooks.net is one of the most regarded websites for free e-books; the title pretty much says it all. I love the fact that they have a section dedicated to featured books that the reader may not have heard of. Another cool option available is the ability to submit e-books as well as write your own. You can also download free magazines.


Project Gutenberg

Website: gutenberg.org

Project Gutenberg is personally one of my favorite sites to browse as a whole. This page offers a wide collection of classic novels such as Jane Eyre, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Frankenstein: Or, The Modern Prometheus. I just love that there are many categories to explore. Is it obvious that I'm a total nerd when it comes to reading classic books?



Website: manybooks.net

Manybooks.net is the perfect site for Apple users because of the fact that all of the e-book files have been formatted to work on the iPod or iPhone. The e-books also come in a variety of formats for different devices. Additionally, I like that this site offers reviews and recommendations to help make your decision that much simpler!



Website: bookyards.com

If you are searching for books that can be used in a more educational purpose as opposed to leisure reading time, bookyards.com is a great place to start. In addition to the books, there is also a fair amount of documents on the site that can be used for school assignments.


Baen Free Library

Website: baenebooks.com

Fellow science fiction lovers, you may want to take note of this next website. Baenebooks.com contains a plethora of science fiction novels. Categorizing the books by author, title, or series is incredibly helpful as it allows the reader to navigate smoothly.


Adobe Free Books

Website: adobe.com

The best thing about Adobe is that many people are able to access the available pdf files. Adobe is pretty easy to use, and is also one of the most popular e-book sites today. This is a great chance to re-format your files into pdf attachments. The words books and free are two terms that I can get certainly get used to saying.



Website: kobo.com

Lastly, I think that the template for Kobo.com is very clean cut and straightforward. Copious e-books are on display on the homepage. With all of the classic stories ready to be accessed, I find myself having a hard time leaving the site. The fact that Kobo divides the books into separate genres makes everything that much easier to find.

With access to all of these wonderful sites, book lovers will be more than satisfied with the many choices available on the market for a long time to come. What are some e-book sites that you frequent? What e-books are you currently reading?

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I love watt pad omg it's amazing if you go everyone should read the black knight or the highlanders touch they have some really great books there ong make sure you but fallen crest high she took it down so you have to pay but if you catch it out you won't be disappointed it's also on amazon it's a great book

Wattpad app is good also you can read many stories,der is also some genres so u can choose wat u Wnt to read and by da way u can create your own story

I do Book Bub and One Hundred Free Books.

Thank you


Thank you!!

R des 4 d kindle or wat?

BookBub is the best. When your subscribe, it sends you one email a day with books from free to 2.99. You can select the genres you like, and it gives you books from iBooks, kobo, amazon, etc. it's free, no spam, no catch. It's SO amazing.

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