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As one of my favorite genres, I can't help getting excited whenever my friends recommend fantastic sci-fi books to me. Having the ability to suspend disbelief while your eyes and nose are deeply embedded in your book is simply marvelous. I love that there are always new ideas being cultivated and diverse topics being explored. You should definitely add these fantastic sci-fi books to your reading list.

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Ender's Game

Ender's Game As the winner of the Nebula Award for Best Novel (1985) and the Hugo Award for Best Novel (1986), it's no surprise that "Ender's Game" is often regarded as one of the most fantastic sci-fi books of all time. Focusing on the government's superhuman response to an alien invasion that threatens to put Earth on the brink of extinction, this story is perfect for readers who love tales that deal with the future. This quote from the book won me over because of how relatable it is: "They have a word for people our age. They call us children and they treat us like mice."


The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy I am a total fan of the complete series by the brilliant Douglas Adams. I could never resist a story that revolves around a man who, after being transported off Earth moments before it faces impending doom, travels through the universe and learns a few things along the way.


Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 As a book aficionado, I found the premise of this novel by Ray Bradbury to be absolutely fascinating. As a fireman in a dystopian society that has essentially banished reading, Guy Montag burns books for a living because they're considered the root of all evil. When compared to our society today and the importance (or lack thereof) placed on reading literature, it isn't too difficult to see this novel for what it is: A satire on the role that media, as well as society as a whole, plays in the destruction of knowledge. You won't regret reading this marvelous novel!



1984 Music lovers may find it intriguing that rock band Muse was actually inspired by this novel when recording their fifth album! Am I the only one fangirling over that? George Orwell's book centers around his satirical vision of an alternate future/world. I won't give anything else away in fear of spoiling the brilliant (and scary) plot. All I can say is that this book will leave you with questions that you won't be certain you want answered.


Brave New World

Brave New World Aldous Huxley's Brave New World flirts with the idea of the "perfect" society. The human race has been genetically modified, everyone's emotions have also been tinkered with so as to prevent people from feeling anything other than happiness (although superficial). The most astonishing aspect of this novel is the fact that it was written in 1932; it's almost as if Huxley predicted that genetic engineering would come to exist. If you are a fan of Orwell's 1984 or of novels that deal with the effects of dystopian/utopian societies, you will definitely fall in love with this book.


A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time should be considered a classic. I remember reading this as a child and being amazed at how well written the book is. For some reason, this line always stood out to me: "What she saw was only the game Mrs Whatsit was playing; it was an amusing and charming game, a game full of both laughter and comfort, but it was only the tiniest facet of all the things Mrs Whatsit could be." If you are a sucker for books that center around time travel, this is definitely for you!


Animal Farm

Animal Farm Last but not least, George Orwell's Animal Farm should be on everyone's reading list. Functioning as an allegory, this novel is about a group of farm animals that choose to revolt against the human race because of ill treatment, only to fall under harsher rule by the hands of their fellow rebels. There are many dimensions to this text that are definitely worth discovering.

I love that the science fiction genre provides room for endless possibilities. What sci-fi books are you looking forward to reading? What are your favorite sci-fi books?

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Pittacus Lore's too ! Best thing ever

Don't forget the "Lunar Chronicles"! Amazing reads

I like the jurassic park trilogy

Game of Thrones!

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