7 Marvelous Websites for Free E-books ...


As a reader, one of the biggest perks of the web today is the amount of websites for free e-books. Some people are unaware of the many resources available at their fingertips. There are endless scenarios in which having an e-book on hand would be quite beneficial. For instance, being able to keep yourself occupied on the train without having to face the crowd is truly the perfect example. With these fantastic websites for free e-books, you will never have to face boredom again.

1. Free-ebooks.net

Website: free-ebooks.net

Because of its smooth interface and organized site navigation, free-ebooks.net is one of the most regarded websites for free e-books; the title pretty much says it all. I love the fact that they have a section dedicated to featured books that the reader may not have heard of. Another cool option available is the ability to submit e-books as well as write your own. You can also download free magazines.

Project Gutenberg
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