7 Fabulous Raw Food Books to Read ...


Being a raw foodie, I love finding new raw food books to indulge in. Though I’m not 100% raw, I do love mostly eating raw foods for their beauty benefits, energizing abilities, ease of use, nutritional value, and diversity. Over the years I’ve developed a small library of my favorite raw books, which I wanted to share with you so you could enjoy all of the benefits of raw food without all of the fuss. Here are 7 extremely inexpensive, helpful raw food books that are fun to read and helpful to use.

1. Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles

Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles

This book was one of the first raw food books I read and it has always been my favorite. I’ve given it as a gift several times because it is so helpful, fun to read and full of nutritional information. The recipes are easy, delicious and so fun for all ages. My book has torn edges and nearly every corner is earmarked because I’ve used it so much. Do yourself a favor and spend the $7-8 this book will cost you. You’ll never look at food or your energy the same again!

Perfectly Raw by Chef Amber Shea
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