9 Literary Feeds You Need to Follow on Twitter ...


9 Literary Feeds You Need to Follow on Twitter ...
9 Literary Feeds You Need to Follow on Twitter ...

If you’re a book lover you might think you can’t get a reading fix from 140 characters, but Twitter literary feeds will give you great access for your next great reading adventure. Twitter literary feeds come from avid readers, critics, writers, reviewers and just about anyone with a passion for the written word. Check out these fellow book lovers to follow on Twitter.

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If you’re looking for one of the most comprehensive Twitter literary feeds, look no further. Maud Newton regularly posts reviews and information about a variety of literature, all the way from science books to fantasy fiction. This is the perfect literary feed for someone who wants to branch out into different types of literature; Maud will expose you to things that are of good quality, but perhaps you’ve never thought to read before.


Maud Newton is not just about variety; she's deeply entrenched in the literary community. As an esteemed critic and celebrated writer, her insights carry weight and depth. On her feed, you'll find thought-provoking questions and discussions that get to the heart of storytelling and character. Whether it's a hidden literary gem or a controversial new work, Maud's feed reflects a curated experience from the literary world, and her engaging commentary sparks rich conversations among her followers. It's a treasure trove for both the casual reader and the fervent bibliophile.



Sometimes joining a book club can seem a daunting task. If you haven’t already got friends who are interested, you will have to join an already existing group as the outsider. However, this is one of the Twitter feeds for literature fans that removes any necessity for a real-life book club; three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the Litchat feed will start a discussion on a book for an hour that it asks its followers to join in with. The feed has been around for a few years now, and has a well-established user base which regularly joins in with the 140 character or less chats. Give it a go!



The @guardianbooks Twitter account is run by the book staff at the Guardian and Observer newspapers. You will find not just reviews, but also news and interviews with both famous and upcoming authors in their tweets. The account will also ask its followers to use the #famousforthewrongbook hash-tag to bring up discussions about books which are undervalued in the light of an author’s other works.



I’m sure this will become one of your favorite ever Twitter literary feeds. The concept of @Disneywords feed is the regular sharing of random quotes from various Disney books, cartoons and films with the aim of making you smile or rekindling childhood memories. Whether you are a fan of Peter Pan or prefer Aladdin, the tweets are guaranteed to make you laugh and recall great childhood memories. Some of the best quotes in the world were those intended for children; follow this account and you’ll understand why.



Looking for literary people to follow on Twitter can be difficult, but the @Electriclit account is one of the best for discovering new, up-and-coming talent in the literary world. The idea behind this account was to encourage avid readers to move away from their bestseller comfort zone, and towards rising authors who need the financial support of literature lovers. If you are ever stuck for finding a Christmas or birthday present for a book lover, following this Twitter account could give you some great possible choices.

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This is another Twitter account that is designed around the idea of using social media to spark a book club. Unlike @Litchat, this account is a month-long discussion of a single book using hash-tags to provoke deep but fast-paced discussions about a particular book. This is exactly the sort of thing that those of you new to book clubs might want to try before joining a real-life club.



The concept of writing fiction using 140 characters or less is something that the @VeryShortStory people are aiming to do. The idea is simple: write a piece of fiction using a single tweet. Follow this account for examples that you could emulate; it’s a very interesting concept for aspiring authors.



If you’re a subscribed to the Poetry magazine, you might want to follow this sister account. It’s the best Twitter poetry account available on the web, providing the latest news on poets and their work. You can even find regular information about poetry workshops happening in your local area if you are lucky!



One of my favorite reading fanatics to follow on Twitter is Bethanne Patrick. She is so enthusiastic about all aspects of literature that her tweets are wonderful to read, providing information on book recommendations every Friday using her #FridayReads hash-tag.

Have you got some favorite Twitter feeds for book lovers to share?

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