7 Hottest Male Book Characters I Wish Were Real ...


7 Hottest Male Book Characters I Wish Were Real ...
7 Hottest Male Book Characters I Wish Were Real ...

One of the major things I always wanted to do ever since I was in high school was to put together a list of the hottest male book characters and truly outstanding male role-models which I discovered during my large amounts of time spent reading and wandering into some really incredible fantasy worlds, created by some of the best writers all around the globe. Every time I read a really good book, I tend to get so hooked by it and very often, I get too involved in the action, that sometimes I don’t even know what’s real or what’s not anymore. Also, I like to experience along with the characters, the fantastic events presented by the author, and, as the story unfolds in front of my eyes, I get even more hooked up by it, giving me something to day-dream about for a very long time after I finish reading that book. In some of the best books I’ve read, I encountered a few of the hottest male book characters ever port rayed and I must admit that every now and then, I find it very hard to resist their charms and just like me, I bet of lot of you ladies wish these perfectly sketched male specimens were real, too. So, here goes…

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Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey – E. L. James)

Well, nobody could put together a list of the hottest male book characters without including this amazingly hot, charming, well-educated and successful entrepreneur that I’m sure you’ll be able to find in every woman’s fantasy, all around the world. I know, I know…he can even make BDSM seem much less painful and even little bit romantic than I ever thought it could be. Who wouldn’t want this beautiful, smart, and mysterious, with a heart of gold always committed to end word hunger, man to be real? Oh, I know I would… I just hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this, ‘cause I’ll have some explaining to do…


Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen)

Who wouldn’t want Mr. Darcy to be real? He’s such a true gentleman with a very strong character… I must confess that I quite fancy him. Despite the fact that he is extremely rich, single and very proud (I like a tiny bit of arrogance in a man) he finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class, showing us that love conquers all, that is not influenced by superficial aspects like class, social status and that other are the important things that really matter. Even if at first, he was all snotty and huffy, he managed to win me over by being so intelligent, independent, and never afraid to stick to his opinion but also, thoughtful and always caring for the ones close to him, both friends and family. Now, tell me, who wouldn’t want to meet such a guy?


Sherlock Holmes (the Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

Oh, how I love Sherlock Holmes! Maybe, the fact that Robert Downey Jr. portrayed him in the movies had something to do with this, by borrowing to this strong character some of his charm and good looks. But, anyway, what I love most about him is the fact that he is an irresistible mix of genius, charm, humor, irony and that he permanently gives me the feeling that he has his head in the clouds but somehow manages to surprise me every single time. He’s a brilliant, enigmatic figure that I really wish were real. He would have surely put a stop to any crime!


Robin Hood (the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - Howard Pyle)

This is a real folk hero! I could say that Robin Hood was the first person that taught us what volunteering and charity meant. And I believe he was also quite good looking if we were to look at how Howard Pyle portrayed him as a tall man with broad shoulders who was wearing his blonde hair and beard very long ( well, maybe not so much the long beard …). Still, he has a lot of qualities I would like to see more in people now days. I love his heart of gold, the fact that he is always just and fair and that he puts the other people’s well-being first. Sometimes I would really like him to be real or at least, some people to resemble him more.


Pip (Philip Pirrip) (Great Expectations - Charles Dickens)

I like him because he is such a complex character with the most simple name, because his love is sincere and because he grows up in a way I wish every man would do. I also admire the fact that he has such a deep desire to succeed, to improve himself in any way, whether is moral, social, financial or educational. He always has a dream, a specific goal in his mind, a certain expectation. Well, that’s real ambition! But, sadly there are a few things I don’t particularly like about him, like the fact that he is a bit idealistic and tends to see things as black or white, when there are so many shades of grey (ha!) and that once he reached his objectives and he became a gentleman he acted kind of snobbishly and cold. But, nevertheless, he is still one of my favorite male book characters I really wish were real!


Edward Fairfax Rochester (Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte)

Even he is not exactly a boy-toy and even if sometimes he can be mysterious, rude and impolite, he is also extremely clever, kind and I like that he treats Jane as his equal, recognizing her intelligence and strength although in the Victorian period, men were considered to be naturally superior to women. So, I guess he is a real example in what concerns gender equality, you could even say he was a feminist in that times. If he were real, I bet he would have been an intriguing and why not attractive character!


Edward Cullen (the Twilight Saga - Stephenie Meyer)

I’m not such a big fan of this series, but I must admit that this character is really one of a kind. He must have something special by which he succeeded charming all the ladies, and I’m pretty sure it’s not only because Robert Pattison played him in the movies. I could say he is really mesmerizing; he is described as impossibly beautiful with perfect facial features and a slender yet muscular body. I think that what I like best about him is his passion for music because he enjoys a wide range including classical, jazz, rock and also, the fact that he is so, so seductive, not in a cheesy way but in a more mysterious, charming and genuine way, thing that only he can pull it off.

So, there you go, my list of 7 hottest male book characters I wish were real…Do you have any male book figures that you find extremely fascinating? What other alluring male book characters do you know? Please, feel free to share your thoughts! I’m always looking to increase the quality of my list!

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I've got to agree with the others - especially on Christian Grey. He's more than misogynistic, he's downright abusive at many points in the book. There's bdsm (practiced safely and consensually) and then there's the poor unsafe and dubiously consensual imitation that he carried out in the books.

Jaime Fraser, from the outlander series.

Augustus Waters and Will Herondale. Characters that you'd perform blood rituals for them to be real. XD

I guess you can call this list odd, or eclectic, depending upon your perspective. Edward Cullen & Christian Grey, Rochester and Sherlock Holmes? I simply could not read any of the Twilight novels, although I did enjoy the movies; nor could I get past a few pages of 50 Shades...so I guess I can't really judge Cullen or Grey as "characters", they seem more like plot devices. And 19th century classics like Jane Eyre certainly reflect the second-class status of women in Victorian society. But at the very least Rochester, Robin Hood and Mr. Darcy are fully developed characters, and it is the genius of the authors that we can visualize these men and bring them to life, each in our own way. But I can't see myself seduced by any of them...yuck! It is just such a misogynistic cliche the women "really" desire strong, dominant men...but every woman is entitled to her fantasy. Three male literary characters who I adore in my imagination are Robbie Turner from Atonement, Dick Divers from Tender is the Night...and Matthew Scudder, Lawrence Block's diffident NYC private detective

One cannot forget Augustus Waters from "The Faults in Our Stars" by John Green :)

Peeta and gale dorm the hunger games!!<3

What about Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights?

Mr. Ashford, from "The lost memories of Jane Austen" <3

Augustus waters.

I knew Edward would be on there somewhere...

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