7 Websites to Use when Writing Fiction ...


7 Websites to Use when Writing Fiction ...
7 Websites to Use when Writing Fiction ...

Every writer needs a little inspiration sometimes... and a little nudge in the right direction. Guest writer Holly shares her favorite websites to use when writing fiction. We hope you find these useful!

When writing a story, many issues can arise. You may have problems creating reliable characters or using correct grammar. In order to avoid mistakes, check out some of the following websites.

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If one of your characters has a disease, make sure you do your research. Having the wrong information in a story can ruin the authenticity and pull readers away. WebMd lists the causes, symptoms, and treatments for every illness. It even has a symptom tracker that allows you to input symptoms and gives you potential diagnoses.



If you’re in need of a specific word or want to avoid repetition, a thesaurus can be incredibly (amazingly, especially) helpful. But if you don’t know the definition of the word, make sure to check a dictionary. Some of the words that pop up have similar meanings as the one you searched, but won’t work in the same context.



Do you ever strive to come up with the perfect word, but your mind has difficulty grasping it? Tip of My Tongue works like a thesaurus, but has additional features. It lets you insert the first letter of the word you want, the end of it, or the approximate length. When you have that one specific word in mind and can’t quite name it, Tip of My Tongue gives you the help you need.



Grammar Girl contains articles on grammar, punctuation, word choice, and style. If you can’t tell whether your character is feeling alright or all right, you should visit this website. It explains the proper use of easily misunderstood words in a concise way.



Yahoo!Answers isn’t a reliable website when it comes to facts, but can be useful when you’re looking for opinions. If you want to know how different people handle certain situations and hear about their feelings during them, you'll find a goldmine of information.



Your stories should contain a variety of personalities to prevent things from becoming boring. On Omegle, you can speak with different people who are sure to have differing opinions and dialects. Chatting can help you get a feel for the different types of people in the world and help you create more realistic characters.



When all else fails, use Google. Need I say more?

Writing can be a difficult process. The next time you create a story, try out some of these websites to see if they make things easier. Are there any other websites you know of that help when writing?

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thanks a billion! use these when i write my fanfics!

Thanks, this helps a bunch! I'm writing my own dystopian romance, and sometimes it's hard to find the right words to fit within a context.

Wattpad is really popular with teens my friends and I read it all the time

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