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Are you always looking for books you'll find hard to put down? Do you sometimes get tired of reading the same books as everyone else, or often times do you feel like reading the most sought after book isn't as satisfying as reading a book that could be all your own - your own favorite, your own story that not many can admit to having already read?

Because if you're anything like me, you love to have your own special places in your hometown, as well as your own special books. Reading books that not many are familiar with has always been a satisfying feeling for me, and if you're a lover of books, this may be for you!

If there's ever anything I love, it's finding those special gems in the midst of all that rubble, so here are six incredibly fascinating books, that may have a few blemishes, or may not, but they are truly captivating. Get ready for a whole pile of books you'll find hard to put down.

1. 'the Runner' by Kate Baker

Now, this is my favorite, so I might be biased. Kate Baker has created a new type of dystopian novel in this woman heroine, action-packed series.

A girl named Kay sets off on an adventure after she meets a certain someone *wink* who has a plan to help take matters into their own hands! People living in poverty along with Kay support her as best they can, and in the second book, they really make a difference! It's super thrilling and new, it's a breath of fresh air for the dystopian genre!

Kate is currently working on the third book, but the first two are to die for, and currently published!

- The Runner

- The Wastelands

- The Rain

'Storm and Silence' by Robert Thier
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