7 Books for Theme Parties Your Guests Will Adore ...


Some books will remain best read, others are turned into movies, and then, there are those brilliant books for theme parties par extraordinaire. What goes into making a great book doesnโ€™t necessarily lend itself to being recreated for a party. Books that make great theme parties need to have a strong identifier that can be replicated either in terms of characters, setting or scenarios. If youโ€™re looking for some inspiration, how about some of these books for theme parties guests will remember for a long time after.

1. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

The latest screen version of The Great Gatsby has revived interest in all things โ€œtwentiesโ€. While lovers of retro and vintage have always loved this era, a new generation is discovering the charms of the fashion and style. What makes The Great Gatsby one of the great books for theme parties is that is quite a simple task to recreate a legendary Saturday night gala a la Jay Gatsby. Can you see yourself as a dapper flapper with a drop-waisted dress and long strings of pearls, or maybe you prefer cloche hats and flowing scarves. Stick some jazz on, dance the Charleston and down a cocktail or two.

The Night Circus
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