7 Classic Books to Read with Your Daughter ...


7 Classic Books to Read with Your Daughter ...
7 Classic Books to Read with Your Daughter ...

If you’re looking for books to read with your daughter, why not consider some classic books? Reading something a little bit different will really broaden her horizons and give her the chance to experience something new. So here are 7 great classic books to read with your daughter.

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A Little Princess

A Little Princess Available on Amazon: amazon.com

One of the best classic books to read with your daughter is A Little Princess, the story of a loved and doted-upon girl who becomes an orphaned pauper on the death of her wealthy father. When she must become a servant at the school at which she was to be educated, she has just her vivid imagination to keep her going. There are many versions of this book to appeal to different ages: the unabridged for more advanced readers, the Classic Starts edition (ideal for 7-9 year olds) and heavily abridged and illustrated versions for even younger readers.


Little Women

Little Women Available on Amazon: amazon.com

Louisa May Alcott’s story needs no introduction, being one of the best loved books of all time. There are many different versions available of different lengths and levels of complexity, so you can still enjoy this story with your daughter if she’s a little young for the full version.


What Katy Did

What Katy Did Available on Amazon: amazon.com

The depiction of gender roles in Susan Coolidge’s novel are now totally outdated (it was published in 1872), but this could form the foundation of a discussion about how much things have changed over time. The story of Katy’s transformation after a nasty accident still has a real charm and a lesson to teach though, even today.


Lizzie Dripping

Lizzie Dripping Available on Amazon: amazon.com

Helen Cresswell’s Lizzie is a dreamer with whom many little girls will be able to identify. In this first book, she befriends a witch, but no one believes her because they think it’s just Lizzie being Lizzie! There are other books in the series to enjoy too, and though many are now out of print you can usually pick them up secondhand.


Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web Available on Amazon: amazon.com

Animal lovers will love this tale of a pig rescued by a spider called Charlotte. It really captures the magic of growing up on a farm, and has deservedly become a real classic. If your daughter loves this book as much as I did, try Stuart Little next, which is by the same author.


Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes Available on Amazon: amazon.com

This is the first in Noel Streatfield’s series of three ‘shoe’ books and it follows three orphans who are determined to find success as dancers. It’s also a million miles better than the ballet-related books that are churned out in mass quantities today.


Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl Available on Amazon: amazon.com

If you’re thinking of reading something a bit different with your daughter, Anne Frank’s famous diary is an excellent choice. It’s not the diary of a dewy-eyed schoolgirl like it’s often portrayed to be, but the honest scribblings of a teenager with a great deal of personality, and you can see a fascinating but heartbreaking period of history through her eyes.

Whether you choose anything on this list or something that you enjoyed as a child (or an adult!), it’s definitely worth reading some classic books with your daughter. Did your parents read any classic books with you and what classic books will you be reading with your daughter?

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I think anne frank is too much for a little kid to understand..

Anne frank was a good book

I know this is an old article, but do any of you have any suggestions for books to build individuality and self esteem in elementary aged girls 6-10 ? Any advice is appreciated 😀

Oops sorry about that! But Amelia Bedelia is good too!!

Heidi should be on this list. I was under 10 years old when I read a lot of these. I so upset reading What Katie Did and cried at the end of Charlotte's Web. I was an avid reader when I was young and my parents introduced me to a lot if stories - some I reread when I was older and actually understood the whole story! ( Lorna Doone) lol

"Helen Keller" -there are so many lessons to be learned from this brave woman. My daughters and I read the children's version and each if them read her biography when they were a little older.

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