7 Wonderful Kids Books That Adults Should Read ...


There are books meant for kids that adults love just as much. Whether you've never read these stories before or you remember them from your childhood, you should read them now. They won't take up much of your time, but you'll be glad you read through them. If you're looking for short reads, here are some books meant for kids that you can still enjoy:

1. Coraline


Neil Gaiman wrote this story about a young girl who isn’t satisfied with her home life. Her parents don’t pay enough attention to her, so she travels to her ‘other house’ with her ‘other mother,’ who is evil. She seems nice at first, giving Coraline everything that she thought she wanted, but she eventually shows her true colors. This is one of the books meant for kids that has a strong message, and will delight adults as well as children.

Alice in Wonderland
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