7 Steampunk Novels That'll Make You Crazy about the Genre ...


You've probably seen or read about people who dress up in steampunk clothing, but did you know where the genre originates from? It's inspired by the novels of writers like Jules Verne and HG Wells, and imagines a world where machines run on steam power. So if you haven't yet discovered the world of steampunk, here are some novels you should read - you'll soon become a steampunk convert!

1. The Time Machine - HG Wells

The Time Machine - HG Wells

You've probably seen The War of the Worlds, which was based on a novel by early science-fiction writer HG Wells. He was also the author of The Time Machine, recently made into a movie starring Guy Pearce (there's also an earlier version). Time travel is a familiar topic for fiction these days, but when Wells wrote The Time Machine he came up with a new and imaginative concept.

Leviathan - Scott WestERfield
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