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Ladies, you know that when you read books after watching the movies, it can be a completely different experience. I didn’t read the Harry Potter series before I saw the movies and now that I’ve seen the movies, I absolutely adore the books! Below, I’ve got some of the best reasons why it is okay to read books after watching the movies – and why it might be better in some cases!

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By far, one of the biggest reasons to read books after watching the movies all boils down to comparison. While I am not huge on comparing books to movies (because books always seem to win!), you can compare the author's descriptions, you can see how well the movie did in really bringing the book to life and you can note all of the small, subtle things that didn’t make it into the movie. Sometimes, it’s best! For example, there are some characters in the Harry Potter books that didn’t make it into the movies, but I still thought the movies were stellar.



When you see the movie before you read the book, you’ll be able to tell if you are interested in the book at all. I saw the Hunger Games and didn’t read the book beforehand. Then, as soon as I saw the movie – I was hooked and I ended up reading all three books in one week!



While a lot of book-lovers argue that you should be using your imagination when you are reading and I agree, I also think that seeing the characters in the movie is a great visualization too. I love that Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss and now that I’ve read the books, I couldn’t imagine anyone else being her. That can be a problem for some people, as they want to make up their own characters and how they look and act through the author's descriptions, but I’m a fan of really seeing what the movie-makers come up with.


You’ll Understand the Story More

Sometimes, books can be a little bit confusing, especially in the descriptions, and it can be just really hard to visualize exactly what the author is talking about. That won’t happen when you are watching a movie – because you are watching it! So you’ll be able to understand the story more, see what the author was trying to get across and really ‘get’ the entire book more.


You’ll Notice Differences

As I mentioned before, you will notice differences in the movies versus the books, it’s a given! They have to cut some of the things out of the book and change some of the details around in order to make a movie. It happens and sometimes, it is for the best.

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Typically More Detail in Book

Okay, I have to admit, the book might have more details, but that's okay and it's one of the reasons why you can read the book after seeing the movie! The movie will grab up your attention and will really make you want to read the book to see what details were left out!


Re-Imagining the Book

The movie might have to change a little and differ from the book, but that's the beauty of it! In Harry Potter, I couldn't imagine the movie 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' without the Dre Head, but in the book, he wasn't in there. So really, the movie takes on a completely different look and interpretation of the book!

So girlies, now that you know that it's okay to read the book after watching the movie – what are some of the movies that you've seen without reading the book first?

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I am a huge fan of Twilight I haven't read a book before but I have already watched the whole series I thought it is weird to read da book after watching the movie THIS IS A VERY CONVINCING tho


Ridiculous argument! If u require a film to make u imagine then your imagination is rather limited

I did the same with the Hunger Games. I just saw 12 Years A Slave, and just started reading the memoirs.

One reason I like a movie to be made first before I read the book is then I'm less disappointed with the characters. I wish I waited for the 50 shades movie first because now I hate the cast for the movie because they aren't what I pictured when I read the books.

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