7 of My Favorite Enid Blyton Stories and Series ...


While in the US you grew up with Dr Seuss, for many children in England it is the Enid Blyton stories that captivate our attention and imagination. Enid Blyton wrote 762 books, some as stand-alone stories, others as series featuring recurring characters. What I am so impressed with is that the Enid Blyton stories take you from your very first reading years through to your teens (as long as you’re happy reading tales of simpler times – no modern mayhem involved). They are just pure and simple entertainment, and if you want your kids to read something wholesome and escapist, you can’t go wrong with Enid Blyton stories.

1. The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood

Of all the Enid Blyton stories, this series is my absolute favorite. This was the first β€œnovel” I read after graduating from Noddy and picture books. The Enchanted Wood is the first in a series about Joe, Bessie and Fanny (later joined by their cousin, Dick), who discover The Faraway Tree and set forth on a set of magical and amazing adventures. You see, The Faraway Tree is not just any old tree. Firstly it is inhabited by an unlikely set of characters like Dame Washalot, Moon-Face and The Saucepan Man. Secondly, the very top of the tree is visited by different lands. The stories generally involve one of the children getting stuck in one of the lands and the adventures of the siblings as they have to get back down the tree again. I have always wondered why Disney has never attempted to make a movie based on this series.

The Wishing Chair
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