7 Life Changing Books Everyone Needs to Read ...


A lot of authors claim to write life changing books. I’ve been through my fair share of self-help books, as well as books about positive thinking and books about decoding the minds of men…I’m not usually one to be a killjoy, but none of them were life changing for me. To me, life changing books are the ones that have forced me to challenge my world view a little. This has included literature, real life stories, and biographies. The world of literature is SO vast, I am sure there are many more out there. Still, here are my seven personal favorites:

1. Brick Lane by Monica Ali

Brick Lane by Monica Ali

My grandma read Brick Lane at the same time as me. If you were to ask her, she wouldn’t agree that it’s one of those life changing books everyone should read. I finished it in my last year of high school as part of an English Literature curriculum. The entire story revolves around the life of a Bangladeshi woman who moves to London to marry a man under an arrangement made by her parents. When she first arrives in London, she speaks two words of English. Following her journey really made me see my country through the eyes of an outsider and awakened me to the challenges women from other cultures can face!

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury
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