7 Colorful Picture Books for Toddlers ...


I am listing down these seven colorful picture books for toddlers that will help mothers, fathers and aunts/uncles out there who are looking forward to spend bonding time with their children, nephews and nieces by reading a great book. We all know the benefits that reading brings to our children. Reading stimulates the imagination, improves the vocabulary, develops the attention span and promotes listening skills, among others. There are several books in the libraries and on Amazon.com for you to choose from. These are the current picture books for toddlers that I recently introduced to my one-year-old twins:

1. At the Farm

At the Farm

On Amazon at: amazon.com

This is one of the first picture books for toddlers that I introduced to my twins because it is simple and carries with it lots of colors. In this book produced by Salina Yoon, your adorable tots will be treated to an array of colorful drawings of things they will see at the farm. An owl, a tractor and a slice of watermelon are among these things.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
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