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I will admit that whenever I spend my free days scouring Barnes & Nobles and Amazon for the latest releases and then keeping an eye out for their film adaptations, I can't help thinking of other books that should be turned into movies. Think about it - How great would it be to watch your favorite novel come to life in ways you could never possibly imagine? As a lover of books (not to mention an overactive thinker), I sometimes conjure up a list of stars that I'd love to see play my favorite characters. Fellow bibliophiles, you are just going to have to take my word that after reading about a plethora of books that should be turned into movies, you will never be the same again.

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Looking for Alaska

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In terms of books that should be turned into movies, John Green's "Looking for Alaska" would be a valuable contender. Hot on the heels of the film adaptation of "The Fault in Our Stars," I think that it would make perfect sense to continue the trend by adapting this less acclaimed but equally brilliant novel. Am I the only one who would love to see how the author's striking words would translate on the big screen?


The Catcher in the Rye

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Both critics and fans agree that this coming of age novel is intriguing and eye-opening enough to make it into theatres. Hollywood, what are you waiting for? J.D. Salinger tells the story of rebellion quite brilliantly, making me anticipate the film adaptation of this book even more.


The Pigman

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I still haven't gotten over this amazing tale by Paul Zindel. Getting to physically watch the characters' journey as they evolve from rebellious teens to grown ups after the sad events that occur instead of just reading it on paper would definitely amplify the already incredibly emotional experience.



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Lauren Oliver's YA novel "Delirium" is definitely a must-read. Centering around Lena Haloway, a young girl who is burdened with the task of setting her dystopian world upright after love is deemed as a deadly disease, the plot will floor you. I would recommend reading the other works in this marvelous series.


Lilith's Brood

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I can't be the only one who thinks that this next series more than deserves an epic film accompaniment. In Octavia Butler's science fiction novel "Lilith's Brood," female protagonist Lilith Iyapo must fight to survive in a land that was once familiar to her but has now been taken over by an alien race with a hidden agenda.


On Such a Full Sea

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This next one is a no-brainer. Although it was only recently released, the historical aspect littered throughout the novel would be interesting to see develop fully. My love for dystopian centered books is probably obvious at this point. I admire author Chang-Rae Lee for making his vision of an innovative cultural and science fiction novel stand out.


Lucky Us

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Last but not least, I love that Amy Bloom manages to make this coming of age tale come alive through her writing style and expert ability to paint the book in such a realistic manner. I find its central theme of the importance of family and what that actually means to people to be really fascinating.

My biggest concern is always whether the movie will be as good as the novel. I'd love to hear of any books that you feel would be hits if adapted to the big screen. Are there any movies that you felt could have followed the course of the novels they were based on more closely?

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I completely agree with delirium it is my all time favorite book and if it was made into a movie I would just die

Delirium has a 1-hour episode on Hulu (I think) and it's a huge cliff hanger but that is all that's there

The actual real reason that the catcher in the rye is not a movie is because J.D Salinger said that he never wanted it to be a movie because he thought that there was no actor on the planet that would ever be able to play the complex role of Holden and do it justice, if you don't believe me look it up J.D. Salinger wrote a whole hand written letter about it. Therefor I believe Hollywood is just respecting his wishes

absolutely agree with Delirium! would be sooo thrilled to watch this movie

J.D. salinger didnt want the catcher in the rye to be a movie because he feels that the movie would kill the book and noone can play the role of holden. I think the movie girl in progress is one of the best attempts of the book though, even though its not quite like the book

THE CATCHER IN THE RYE? Just can't think the scene. Anyway , more and more people pay attention to the entertainment. Nothing is impossible

Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

delerium is a show on Hulu!!!!!!

Looking for Alaska was just confirmed to become a movie WOOOOOOO

Catcher in the Rye can NEVER be a movie. Salinger didn't grant the rights to anyone to make a movie and he absolutely did not want a movie made out of it. He only said that he would do a play of the book if he got to play the part of Holden- and that obviously never happened. it is a fantastic book though :)

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