7 Books Guaranteed to Make You Feel Uncomfortable ...


Novels are there, essentially, to make you feel something. They'll make you fall in love, break your heart, make you laugh and much more. But then there are the novels you almost have to look away from, like you would a gory scene in a film. Of course, that doesn't help because the words are already wriggling in your head. I really admire authors who write like this - I think it's an extraordinary skill to make a reader feel like that just through words alone. So, if you're looking for an uncomfortable but powerful read, try one of these.

1. Eat My Heart out by Zoe Pilger

Eat My Heart out by Zoe Pilger

This is actually very tame compared to the other books on this list. Set in present-day London, it's a frank, very honest look at the life of a young woman unsure what she wants and who she is. The majority of the book is fine but there are a few scenes - horribly inappropriate one-night stands and animal murders - that left me feeling like I needed to close the book and walk away for a while.

Tampa by Alissa Nutting
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