7 Books from High School You Should Re-Read ...


There are far more than 7 books from high school that you should re-read as an adult, but these 7 happen to be my favorites. I am a firm believer that reading books on a regular basis is essential for strengthening your mind. Books are a great way to stimulate your imagination, which is something we all need, no matter what age we are. When we are in high school, we are forced to read books that the teachers assign to us and, for me at least, that made reading the story within seem like work instead of a form of entertainment. As an adult I love re-reading books from high school and falling in love with the tales they tell which, as a teenager, I just didn’t fully appreciate.

1. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

This quintessential romantic tragedy is definitely one of the books from high school you should re-read as an adult. The story is filled with fate, chance, love and loss. Everyone knows the story, but until I re-read it I hadn’t remembered most of the intricate details or character development that takes place. When I read it in school I hadn’t yet been in love with anyone so I couldn’t truly relate to the feelings that are supposed to be stirred up when you read the play.

Sophie’s Choice by William Styron
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