5 Rocking 🤘 Benefits 👍 of Joining a Book 📚 Subscription 💰 Service 📦 ...


There are so many benefits of a book subscription service! Subscription services are all the rage right now. Book subscription services encourage inspiration, creativity, knowledge, and community. I encourage you to try services like Book of the Month, to improve your life in a multitude of ways. Here are all the best benefits of a book subscription service.

1. New, Fresh Novels

My last Book of the Month was "The Women in the Window," which is one of the hottest books to come out in a long time. I was able to get this book right when it was published and got to read reviews about it beforehand. Subscription boxes give you insight into the newest books being published, making you, the reader, on top of all the best books. And doesn't that sound like one of the top benefits of a book subscription service?

Constant Motivation to Read More
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