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Do you have a favorite bookstore? A place where you love to run your fingers along the titles, where the smell of unfingered white pages call, where you can't wait to pick your latest passion from the shelves? I love small bookshops, holes in the wall where ancient tomes are crammed into overflowing boxes that you trip over to reach the latest best sellers. (I prefer the boxes). Whatever floats your book boat, there's going to be somewhere for you on this list of the best bookstore in every state, so thoughtfully put together by The list contains some great book recommendations from each store too.

1. Alabama

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Church Street Coffee and Books (Birmingham, Alabama)

Many of’s employees have formerly worked in Time Inc.’s Birmingham office—and all of them can’t stop raving about Church Street Coffee and Books, Yelp’s pick for the best bookstore in Alabama. Housed in a former Starbucks in Birmingham’s Crestline Village, the store offers visitors a great selection of books to choose from (think everything from new releases to children’s books to cookbooks). It’s also spacious—there are enough seats to spend the day studying upstairs, or grabbing coffee with friends in the main room—and when the weather’s nice, there’s even a sunny patio to sit with your book and coffee. But the one thing you cannot miss at Church Street is the “break-up cookie.” Our editors call the store’s infamous treat the best chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever eat.

Book recommendation: Lilac Girls: A Novel by

Martha Hall Kelly is a story of three women from three different countries and backgrounds whose destinies collide during World War II - Neecey Beresford,

Allwomenstalk Editor.

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