5 Best Books to Read for Girls Craving a Bad Boy Fictional Boyfriend ...


5 Best Books to Read for Girls Craving a Bad Boy Fictional Boyfriend ...
5 Best Books to Read for Girls Craving a Bad Boy Fictional Boyfriend ...

These are the books that when you say “one more chapter” but end up finishing the entire book… Each of these will make you wish you had your own bad boy boyfriend. And it’s also the moment when something shocking happens but you feel like you can’t read it fast enough and leave you hanging on the edge!

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Shattered by Elizabeth Lee

poster, album cover, font, happiness, stock photography, When your life has been shattered, can you really pick up the pieces and move on? This is a beautiful story about losing and gaining a loved one; it’s a journey about holding on instead of pushing people away. Shattered is a well thought out story that we call can relate to in our own ways about grief.


Fighting to Be Free by Kirsty Mosely

shoulder, product, muscle, font, brand, A love story about second chances and what you will do for love. This book will have you skipping pages like crazy on this journey. This book is a series, you will definitely be eager to read the second novel Worth Fighting For…immediately!


Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

mason jar, water, product, drinkware, advertising, College students falling in love, both two people who are not matched made in heaven but thing change when one is challenged by the other, little does he know she wont put up with it…but destiny has other plans for these two. This book is a series with the first being ‘her’ side and the second novel Walking Disaster being ‘his’ side.


The Coincidence of Kallie & Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

poster, album cover, romance, human, black hair, Here is a beautiful and mesmerizing novel of fate, friendship and the healing power of love. This is a cliff hanger that will have you grabbing the next novel to see how this journey ends! This novel has a part two The Redemption of Kallie & Kayden.


Crash by Nicole Williams

footwear, text, joint, shoe, shoulder, This is a typical love story about the good girls who falls in love with the bad boy. Convincing parents and derailing her future plans for college… or will he change his bad boy ways for love? Find out in this triology Crash #1-3 by Nicole Williams.

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