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People often say that every painting, every poem, every novel or every song ever created is in someway about love. Love is a central theme in art and in our lives. Here is my list of a few books that offer very valuable insight into improving one’s life since they can help us understand better where this phenomenon comes from, how it works and what it means for the human condition. Here are the 7 best books on the psychology of love that you should consider:

1. Why We Love - Helen Fisher

Why We Love - Helen Fisher

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Book critics call this wonderful book β€œa groundbreaking exploration of our most complex and mysterious emotion.” This book actually presents the results of a study in which Helen Fisher scanned the brains of the people who had just fallen madly in love and she proved that primordial areas of our brain β€œlight up” when we experience this feeling. She explains what we experience when we fall in love, why we choose a specific person and how romantic love affects your sex drive and your feelings of attachment to your partner.

The New Psychology of Love - Robert J. Sternberg, Karin Sternberg
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