How to Fit More Reading into Your Schedule This Year ...


Reading will help you keep your mind alert. That's why you should aim to read multiple books a month. However, that can be hard to do when you're busy with work and school and boys. Of course, there's always a solution. If you're unhappy with the amount you've been reading, here are a few ways to fit more reading into your schedule this year:

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Write down Every Book You Want to Read

Write down Every Book You Want to Read Sometimes, you'll be in the mood to read, but you won't know which book to pick up. That means you'll waste hours browsing through titles when you could've spent all of that time reading. That's why you should keep a list on your phone of all the books that you want to read. That way, you'll have something to look at whenever you're in the mood to pick up a book. It'll save you plenty of time.


Stop Watching so Much Tv

Stop Watching so Much Tv It's healthier to read than to watch television. That's why you should spend less time in front of screens and more time with a book in your lap. There are plenty of television shows that are based on books, so you can even read about the same stories that you would've seen on TV.


Try Listening to Audio Books

Try Listening to Audio Books If you have a long commute to work or school, then you should buy audio books. That way, you can listen to stories while you're in your car. It beats listening to songs that you've heard a million times before, don't you think?


Bring a Book to Appointments

Bring a Book to Appointments When you know you're going to be sitting in a doctor's office for an hour, bring a book with you. If you're going to the bathroom, bring a book with you. It'll help you pass the time.


Read a Little at a Time

Read a Little at a Time You don't have to sit down for five hours and read an entire book. You can read a little bit every single day. There's nothing wrong with taking your time with it. If you lower your expectations, and only aim to read one chapter per day, then your goals won't feel as daunting. Of course, if you have time, you can always read more than you set out to read.


Join a Book Club

Join a Book Club If you're attending school, there's probably a book club that you could join. If you've already graduated, you can search for a local book club or create one yourself. If you're part of a club that expects you to read a certain amount by a certain date, then it'll be easier for you to motivate yourself to read every single day.


Read E-books on Your Phone

Read E-books on Your Phone You might forget to carry around a book, or even your Kindle, with you. Or maybe you just don't have room in your bag for any extra materials. No matter what the case may be, there's an alternative solution. You always bring your phone with you, so you should download e-books onto it. That way, you'll always have a book with you.

Reading will not only make you happier, but it'll keep your mind healthy. That's why you should aim to read as frequently as possible. How many books are you planning on reading this year?

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