Girls Who Love ❤️ Short Stories 📚 Can Lose Themselves in These 👇🏼👈🏼Literary Mags 📰 ...


Novels are great but if you’re like me, you set out with the intention of just reading a chapter, which then becomes two, then three and before you know it you’ve read the whole book and it’s 4am. Short stories are the perfect solution for girls who love to read because you can complete them in a short time. That means they’re ideal for lunch breaks or short burst reading. One of the best ways to keep on replenishing your supply of short stories is literary magazines. Not only do you get a variety of genres but you’re also supporting new writers.

1. Carve Magazine

One of the very best literary magazines is Carve, named in honor of the award-winning Raymond Carver, regarded as the master of the minimalist story. The publication specializes in sharing short stories that are beautiful and honest, simply works of modern literary genius. It is also a great magazine to submit stories to, as they try to give feedback to all of the submissions.
American Short Fiction
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