7 Fantastic Coming of Age Novels to Read This Summer ...


Summer usually means having a bit more free time on your hands to relax, so I though that I'd share with you a few great coming of age novels to read on those lazy summer afternoons! People commonly associate "coming of age novels" with stories about young adolescents who grow and mature emotionally through adventures, but coming of age novels are not restricted to featuring youthful protagonists! No matter what age a person is, he or she still has the potential to develop and learn through new experiences. Books of this genre are easy to identify with and can provide you with the opportunity to "come of age" yourself. Skim through this list of some of my favorite coming of age novels that are sure to inspire.

1. The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

This book, one of my absolute favorite coming of age novels, is a beautifully written story that follows Victoria Jones through her childhood spent in foster care, to life as an adult. Heartbroken and troubled, Victoria ends up on the streets after she ages out of the foster care system. Everything seems hopeless for this lonely protagonist until she finds work at a local florist shop and discovers her love and talent for arranging flowers. This novel invites you to discover the meaning behind flowers, the definition of family, and the true essence of love. You'll find yourself rooting for Victoria, hoping that she gets a second chance at happiness, and you'll marvel at her ability to grow and move on from an unspeakable past.

Amaryllis in Blueberry
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