7 Classic Books Every Teen Should Read ...


Reading classic novels is basically a rite of passage that is crucial to the teenage experience. Some of these books you may have already read for school, but I recommend rereading them for fun, because leisurely reading a book creates a whole different perspective than reading one for homework! So check out this list of classic novels every teen should read, then raid your school library!

1. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

While I don’t consider “Romeo and Juliet” to be Shakespeare’s greatest work, it still is a love story by Shakespeare, meaning it is incredible! This play is fast-paced, passionate, and dramatic. Watching the movie cannot possibly mimic the experience of reading the play, plus it’s one of those stories that everyone expects you to know inside and out. That’s why “Romeo and Juliet” is certainly one of the best classic books every teen should read.

Pride and Prejudice
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