Why All 💯 People Should Read 📚 as Much as Possible 🗓 ...


There are so many great benefits of reading.

Throughout school, reading doesn't seem so fun because we're told we have to do it. But as you grow up, you realize you can pick your genre, authors, and story line. Reading as an adult makes you the pilot of your own adventures and how cool is that?! So next time you're hesitant to read because you "hated it in school", try to find a book you think you'd truly enjoy and read it so you too can feel the awesome perks of being a reader! In no time at all, you're going to see the awesome benefits of reading.

1. IT'S the ONLY WAY to SEE the WORLD through the EYES of OTHERS

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Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be an explorer, a fairy, an ancient Egyptian princess, or a talking animal? Then read! It is probably the only way that can make you feel like you're someone else. It shows you the world from somebody else's point of view, and through a book, you can live as many lives as you want. You can be whoever you want to be.

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