9 Awesome Websites for Free EBooks, Download Away! ...


Do you like reading on the go and finding good websites for free eBooks? Building an eBook collection is a great way to have a selection of books in your pocket at any time. While nothing beats the feel of a paperback book, a cache of eBooks is much easier to carry. If you need some suggestions for online access then check out our list of websites for free eBooks.

1. Gutenberg.org

Gutenberg.org is the grand-daddy of websites for free eBooks. Since 1971 Project Gutenberg has digitized and indexed over 42,000 titles in the public domain! Many websites that offer access to free eBooks use Project Gutenberg as their major resource. Access is free and easy; you do not need to sign up for an account. The search function is simple and fast. Search for your favorite title, choose your download format, and load it straight to your device.

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