10 Summer ☀️ Reads for Girls Who Love 💘 Adventure Stories 📚 ...


Takeaway: What's the best adventure book to read on vacation?2

It's summer!

Time for outdoor adventure: hiking, swimming, anything you can do in the warm sunshine.

But what to do on rainy days?

Why not read a book about someone else's adventure?

It might inspire you to try something new, or travel somewhere exotic.

Here are a few fun reads for girls who love adventure...

when it's not raining out.

1. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

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Price: $7.99 at itune

DO NOT see the movie until after you've read this completely hilarious and oddly touching (and informative) book about two friends who hike (part of) the Appalachian Trail.

Then, once you know what happens, watch the movie and realize Nick Nolte was born to play Katz.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed
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