7 Reasons Why You're Never Too Old for Young Adult Fiction ...

YA fiction, or young adult fiction, happens to be one of my favourite genres.

I read everything, but the novels that really stay with me tend to be those that โ€“ originally, at least โ€“ were written for teenagers.

I am not, in actual fact, a teenager.

As a 23 year-old, with a real-life job and a flat, I canโ€™t quite get away with that anymore.

However, I never stopped reading YA and I think I will still be reading it when Iโ€™m 45.

YA can sometimes get a bad rep;

that now infamous Slate article last year โ€“ where the writer told everyone they should be embarrassed for reading YA โ€“ is a prime example.

Now, finally, YA seems to be getting more of the attention it deserves;

so, if you havenโ€™t read any since you left your teenage years behind, hereโ€™s why I think you should give it a go.

1. All Reading is Good Reading

Reading is unarguably, inherently, unquestionably a GOOD THING.

All things considered, each of us lives a relatively narrow life โ€“ because it is our life, and it will never be anyone elseโ€™s.

Without fiction, we would be a lot further away from understanding other experiences outside of our own limited set.

And that is why there is nothing more shameful than shaming people for what they read.

A Good Book is a Good Book