7 Ways to Be More Well-Read ...


If you're looking for ways to be more well-read, then look no further as I'm here to share some tips. I remember one of my English teachers once saying that the fact she would never have the time to read all the books she wanted to read before she died, made her incredibly sad. Whilst it is true that there is so much out there to read and not enough hours in the day, there are many ways to enjoy the wealth of literature out there from both the past and the present. So here are some of the ways to be more well-read.

1. The Classics

You don't just have to read the 'classics' from the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. From Jane Austen to Dickens and Mark Twain to Nathaniel Hawthorn, the classics are a great place to start and most of you will have been exposed to them at school. There are many modern classics to enjoy too. The trouble is, if you haven't studied literature beyond school then you may not know where to start. Where the classics are concerned, there are many lists online to guide you on your literary journey. This is one of the first ways to be more well-read.

Film Versions
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