Feed Your Imagination with a Neil Gaiman Novel ...


I recently restocked my personal library with books by Neil Gaiman after reading a transcript of his talk where he emphasized the importance of reading fiction to widen the imagination. I couldn't agree more about this and about reading in general; it's a life skill that is as important as learning to swim. Here are seven books by Neil Gaiman that I currently have and why you should read them:

1. The Graveyard Book

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Meet Nobody "Bod" Owens, a boy raised in the most unlikely place - nope, not the streets - but, a graveyard! Raised by ghosts and other mystic creatures, Bod ventures into the worlds of the living and the dead and tries to reconcile within himself where he rightfully belongs. The Graveyard Book is one of the books by Neil Gaiman that successfully combined all the creatures we've known as children in a literary masterpiece that can be read by people of all ages.

Smoke and Mirrors
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