7 of the Best Christian Books on Marriage I Have Had the Pleasure of Reading ...


7 of the Best Christian Books on Marriage I Have Had the Pleasure of Reading ...
7 of the Best Christian Books on Marriage I Have Had the Pleasure of Reading ...

Christian books on marriage are some of my favorite books to read. I am an avid reader and I am very interested in relationships so it makes me very happy to find a good book on the subject. I have learned so much from Christian books on marriage. They have helped me to understand my husband more and strive to be a better wife. Here are my absolute favorites.

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Marriage on the Rock

This is my absolute favorite. If you are looking for Christian books on marriage, this one is the best. It covers so many topics in marriage. I learned so much from it. I even bought my husband the audio book to listen to and he ended up really getting a lot from it as well.


Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans is truly an unrivaled guide for couples who are seeking to establish a strong, biblical foundation for their relationship. From effective communication to resolving conflicts, rebuilding trust, and nurturing intimacy, this book delves into the essential elements that constitute a healthy marriage. It is a treasure trove of wisdom that equips couples to face the storms of life together and come out stronger on the other side. Reading this felt like a heart-to-heart conversation, with practical advice that's easily applicable to everyday life. Whether you're newlyweds or seasoned partners, this book has something to offer everyone.


Love and Respect

This book is very eye-opening. It taught me a concept that I had never really realized; that men need respect and women need love. If each partner does not get what they need then they can spin into what the author calls the “Crazy Cycle”. This book can open up a lot of great discussions between a husband and a wife. It can also give you a much greater understanding of how marriage works best.


In this article, the author discusses seven of the best Christian books on marriage that they have read and recommends to their readers. One of the books mentioned is "Love and Respect," which focuses on the concept that men need respect and women need love in a marriage. The book delves into the importance of meeting each partner's needs to avoid falling into what the author calls the "Crazy Cycle." It also encourages open communication and understanding between husband and wife to strengthen their relationship. This book is highly recommended for couples looking to improve their marriage and deepen their understanding of each other.


For Women Only

For Women Only was a book that had a lot of shock factors for me. I believed that I understood how my husband thought before I read this book. After I read it, I realized how little I really understood about how men operate. It helped me to be able to go forward realizing how my husband might perceive a situation differently than I do. If your husband is game, there is also a companion book, For Men Only.


The insights provided in For Women Only offered thought-provoking perspectives on the fundamental differences between my expectations and my husband's viewpoints. It underscored the notion that our communication styles and emotional needs aren't always aligned, and how vital it is to bridge that gap. It's like having a window into the male psyche, allowing for deeper understanding and more meaningful connections within marriage. The companion book, For Men Only, encourages husbands to do the same, fostering a mutual journey of discovery and empathy that can profoundly strengthen the marital bond.


The Five Love Languages

This book was the first of its kind. It talks about how we each have a certain way that we like to receive love. And generally, the way that we like to receive love is how we also give it. It breaks down the love languages that you and your spouse prefer and gives you some practical examples for meeting their needs. You will look at giving and receiving love in a completely new way.



The Five Love Languages, written by Gary Chapman, is a groundbreaking book that has helped countless couples understand and improve their relationships. It has sold over 11 million copies and has been translated into 50 different languages. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding and speaking your partner's primary love language, whether it be words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. It also delves into the concept of "love tanks" and how filling your partner's love tank can strengthen your marriage. The book has been widely praised for its practical advice and has been a staple in Christian marriage counseling for over 25 years.


His Brain, Her Brain

His Brain, Her Brain is a book that explains why women and men are so different. It takes a rather scientific approach and goes into a lot of detail about why we think and act differently. It also helps you to understand why you are so different and how to work around that. It made me realize that many of our differences really were just that, differences. It is a very informative book.


The authors, neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine and general surgeon Leonard Sax, guide readers through the complexities of the neurological differences between genders. With expert insights, they dissect how hormonal fluctuations distinctly affect the brains of women and men. This explanation serves as a foundation for couples to better navigate their relationships, promoting empathy and a deeper understanding of each other's innate processing mechanisms. "His Brain, Her Brain" illuminates the diverse ways in which we can approach communication, emotional intimacy, and conflict resolution in marriage, acknowledging our unique designs by the Creator.


First Comes Love, then Comes Money

Do you and your husband differ on your perspective with money? You are not alone. This book can help you to find common ground. Get helpful hints and straight advice on how to bridge the gap when it comes to your finances. You will learn a better way to communicate with your partner about money. You will also gain hope in having a solid financial future.


Is That All He Thinks about?

If you feel like sex is the only thing on your husband’s mind, again, you are in good company. Many wives feel that way. This book will help you to work through your own feelings about sex. It will help you to understand why it is so important to care about your husband’s thoughts and feelings. Your sex life will thank you for reading this book.

What are you favorite books on marriage? I cannot wait to add them to my book wish list! Share with me!

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How are these books related to Christianity? I searched through them all, can someone explain in a kind manor, confused. xxx

Thanks for this! I've read For Women Only and it was a complete eye opener. It made me go, "Oh, so THAT'S what was going on!" (Also from pestering him with "No really....whatcha thinking about?" Lol) Can't wait to check out some of the other books on this list. =)

Great article!!! :-)

Thanks for the book recommendation, Vanessa! I will add that to my book wish list!

Thank you for this. It's good to read positive books on the institution God himself created between a man and a woman, marriage!!! It can be tough at times but I love seeing and hearing marriages succeeding and lasting even in this time when divorce is so popular.

:) I'm looking forward to reading this books. . They seem straight to the point.

I am sooo glad you have love/Respect on your list. It IS the only one O read, but I still think it should *probably* be #1!

Thank you for this article, I love it! I think Christian books on marriage are great even for non-believers as it puts marriage in the true perspective that it sometimes seems the world has forgotten. Also, although I haven't got round to read it myself yet, 'The meaning of marriage' by Timothy Keller is suppose to be a great book too!

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