7 Contemporary Novels That WIll Blow Your Mind ...


Contemporary novels have never been better. "Divergent," "Mockingjay," "The Book Thief," and much more are slated for movie adaptation release in the future. Fans these days just can’t get enough. Who can blame us? It’s as if each generation births more and more talented authors to bless the world with their novels. I know your “to read” lists are already taller than Mount Everest, but allow me to share some of my favorite contemporary novels for your consideration.

1. Falling Kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms

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Any "Game of Thrones" fanatic out there needs to check out this first installment in an epic fantasy series of contemporary novels. Don’t tell George R. R. Martin, but I actually like this series more! The characters are accessible and will make your head spin as this tale of dying magic and a looming war unfolds. Morgan Rhodes crafts an epic story with high stakes for every side of the struggle—so, choose your allies wisely.

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