7 Books That Will Make You Smile ...


Guys, do you really need a reason to read books that will make you smile? With their beautifully written prose, inspiring quotes and totally relatable characters (and overall messages), it doesn't take much for a novel to lift my mood; sitting down with a great read is pretty much enough. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that these books will make you smile every single time you pick them up; there's no way you'll be putting these down anytime soon.

1. Never Have I Ever: My Life (so Far) without a Date

Never Have I Ever: My Life (so Far) without a Date

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If you are serious about finding books that will make you smile, look no further. Don't let the title fool you; Katie Heaney doesn't just spend her time feeling down about her 'lackluster' dating life or like she's missing out on everything. Instead, she puts everything into perspective by dishing on her hilarious adventures (with her best friends by her side) and how struggling to find love actually ended up helping her find herself along the way.

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