7 Great Books Based on Movies That You Should Read This Summer ...


It’s not a secret that there are movies based off of books, but it’s not as well known that there are books based on movies. Most of the books that are based on movies are just novelizations of the movies themselves, but there are also some books that are a continuation of the stories told in films. Let’s check out seven books based on movies.

1. Star Wars

It’s a well-known fact that the Star Wars movies are based off books by the same name. The movies were so insanely popular that years later, more movies came out as prequels, but that’s not all that these Star Wars movies have inspired. There is also a slew of books available to fans that continue and add on to different stories linked to the movies. Any fan of the original books or movies would probably enjoy the books, although a lot of them are made for children. Still, they're some of the most famous books based on movies.

It’s a Wonderful Life
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