7 Biographies You'll Want to Read ...


7 Biographies You'll Want to Read ...
7 Biographies You'll Want to Read ...

Finding the right biographies to read that actually are worth reading is difficult! I've actually always been into non-fiction since I can remember and I read a ton of biographies, before I found what genre I actually like. I like things that are a little twisted, but where the writing is amazingly good. If you're looking for great writing and some incredible biographies to read, take a look at my list. You'll want to read these, even if they are a little sick and twisted in nature.

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I'm Not Myself These Days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

I'm Not Myself These Days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell Words can not tell you how much I love this book. I actually met Josh (and his now husband) and I have to tell you, his writing and wit just suck you right in. This book is something that means so, so much to me and it's one of those biographies to read over and over again. I've read this book at least a dozen or more times and his second book? It's incredible. If you want a great read that is fun and super entertaining – and features a drag queen, this is it!


My Bloody Life, the Making of a Latin King by Reymundo Sanchez

My Bloody Life, the Making of a Latin King by Reymundo Sanchez With this book I actually just found the cover super interesting. That's the reason that I brought it in the first place, but when I finally read it? I couldn't put it down! It's all about the gang life and how the author got pulled into it. The writing is amazing in a street-wise way and it's actually a really … really great read that is sad in some parts and happy in others. It keeps you on your toes!


The Long Hard Road out of Hell by Marilyn Manson

The Long Hard Road out of Hell by Marilyn Manson I know what you are thinking girls and guys, but this book – is truly amazing. It's a book that made me completely change my opinion on him; it made me think of Manson in an entirely new way. It's a book to understand why he is has twisted as he is. The writing too? Blew me away. If you want an intriguing book and always wondered why Manson is the way he is, give this book a read!


Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert I couldn't have a list about biographies to read without including this one. It is not twisted in anyway, but it definitely does evoke some emotions. It's a book that will get you in the beginning and keep you there all the way until the end. It's a book that I am a better person for reading.


Lucky by Alice Sebold

Lucky by Alice Sebold This is actually the author of The Lovely Bones too and this book? It's amazing. It is about her rape and how she went through her life afterward, but it's a book that pulls you in completely. I love the way she writes, the way she uses words and her wit. It's a stunningly written book.


Sickened by Julie Gregory

Sickened by Julie Gregory If you are looking for a book that features a twisted mom, a girl that has been poisoned her entire life and a heart-wrecking true story, this is the book for you. I actually thought that this book was super well-written, totally one of the best in my collection and while it might be a little taboo, it's still one of my favorites.


The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Finally, the last book that we're going to explore is actually really popular – which is not typically the type of book that I go for. It's a book that will completely consume you in the best possible way and it's a book that is completely fearless in every single way.

While this list might not match up with your list, what are some of your favorite biographies to read? Do you have any that I didn't list? Give 'em up!

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I love Marilyn Manson! :D It'll be interesting to see what he has to say in an autobiography.

I've read the Glass Castle, it's so sad but really good. I think the one about Charles Manson would be interesting

Wow great list :) I'm not a fan of books but this just made me want to read a few!

Great list! One of my favorite biographies is "Just Kids" by Patti Smith.

I Really enjoyed the biography book that Steve Irwin's wife did. Cried so many times but was so well written that I couldn't put it down

Great list! Have only read one and am definitely looking forward to the others. Thanks for the list! Have much respect for your opinions and always love your posts!!

Manson in His Own Words: The Shocking Confessions of 'The Most Dangerous Man Alive' . that's the one about Charles Manson. i just finished reading that one and man, it was good!

Becoming Dr. Q is an excellent read and story about a migrant farmer worker who has become one of the world's top neurosurgeons at John Hopkins. I recommend it to everyone and anyone.

Shantaram is a great book which I am currently reading, for the third time. It is about a man who escapes from a high security prison in Australia and the life on the run when he finds his way to Bombay, India, and his love for the city and its people. It is a true story about Gregory David Roberts' life and it is amazingly well written and well thought trough.

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