10 Best Books 📖 to Read for Girls Who Are Trying to Get over a Heartbreak💔 ...


How do you get over a heartbreak? This is a tough old journey and tea and sympathy just doesn’t cut it. Your friends and family will support you when you decide to get the most drastic haircut ever or decide to drop 15 pounds. They’ll take you on nights out to prove you are still attractive and someone out there deserves you. You might even pack your bags and head off for a vacation. But there’s something simple but oh so beautiful to turn to that you may not have considered. Books! Non-judgmental and totally there when you need them, lose yourself in these great books when you’re suffering heartbreak:

1. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

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This book is the perfect antidote for those who want to just mope around and wallow in their breakup sadness. Harold Fry is a sweet but emotionally numb character in an unhappy marriage when his life is jolted into color by a letter from an old friend who is dying in a hospice. It might sound depressing but the bittersweet vibe is really comforting.

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Paris for One by Jojo Moyes
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